Who Is The Most Popular Author Of All Time?

Who is the most popular author Of all time? New books hit the shelves daily. There are love stories, mysteries, true crimes, biographies, and a medley of fictional books to choose from. Many of us have our favorite authors such as Nora Roberts, Dean Koontz, James Patterson, and many others whom write the tales we love to read.

The answer is not black or white but grey, as there is no most popular author, but many that are loved by their fans. Authors topping the best seller list of all time include William Shakespeare, Agatha Christie, Danielle Steel, Dr. Seuss and the popular young adult authors R.L Stine.

In each book is a story, with each page turned, we become intrigued and involved. The best selling book of all times was written by C.S Lewis titled The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe. Stephen King is a writer of horror, science fiction, suspense and fantasy. Several of Stephen Kings books have become movies such as Christine, Misery, The Shining, Cujo and many more have made it to film. Who the most popular author of all time is, depends on whom you are asking, and cannot be measured by sales alone.